My Photo Foodtopia - A Very Busy Week 3

We really got cranking on week 3 - we shot 6 restaurants in all, and we are really getting a groove going with this cookbook project (Cooking with Asheville). I'm finding that each restaurant has it's own energy and style, and that's part of what I enjoy about this job - the diversity each assignment offers. The Blackbird (with new owner Jesson Gil) showed that they are about more than their amazing coconut cake (though if you've tasted it, you understand why it's the source of local fame) - I saw a real comaraderie with Jesson and Chef Mike in their striving for perfection. At 12 Bones I got up close and personal with a huge amount of smoked ribs, and I'm still craving them as that smell was powerfully alluring. I got to hear the story behind  Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack (and was sent home with their famous spicy, crunchy chicken for the family - oh yeah!). Roux's chef Randy made us their well known Sunday brunch dish and a delicious trout burger, and Storm Rhum Bar offered so many eccentric, one of a kind curiosities in their decor that photographing there was a blast (and tasty as we were able to taste the delectable pork roast they are featuring in the cookbook). Last but certainly not least was Bouchon, where we marveled at the warm energy there in the midst of a busy day. Michelle, the owner, kept us laughing the whole time with his generous humor.