My Photo Foodtopia - Week 2

Now that we have gotten a bit of a routine with the shoots for Cooking with Asheville, Chris and I have found ourselves quicker to assess the scene, meet with the chef and get set up. We have streamlined what we bring (Chris has his tools down to two canvas bags) and I am also carrying a minimum of equipment, with back up in the car if needed. 

Over Easy was so much fun! They have such a colorful decor and the owner, Carson Lucci and Chef Eric Burleson couldn't have been more helpful and amenable to our requests. Between the stacks of pancakes, the colorful smoothes and the many murals, we had a lot to work with. We can't wait to go back for breakfast soon.


Next was a follow up shoot at the Chocolate Fetish with one of the owner/chefs Elizabeth Foley. Chocolate Fetish is a family affair, and Elizabeth is the daughter of the founders of the store. Since I'd shot there last spring, all I needed that day was a portrait of Elizabeth and photos of their recipe for the cookbook - the chocolate flourless torte.

Chocolate Fetish-127.jpg
Chocolate Fetish-134.jpg

Photographing the torte was tricky as it had such a high gloss sheen, so I had to really move around to get the light right. We decided to photograph Elizabeth with the store behind her and I asked another employee to walk back and forth to show someone working in motion in the background. Elizabeth also shared her chocolate sculptures - amazing delectable looking things - so we documented those as well.